Pickling paste Formula Green

Sandvik pickling paste Formula Green is used for the cleaning and passivating welding joints and the heat affected zone (HAZ) in welded stainless steel constructions. It is based on a unique recipe in which the concentration of nitric acid is only about 15% of the level of most pickling products.

More environmentally and user friendly

Compared with conventional pickling pastes, Sandvik pickling paste Formula Green gives 85% less discharge of dangerous nitrate and nitrite ions to waste water. This pickling paste releases 80–85% less toxic, nitric fumes during the pickling process and is therefore more operator friendly than other pickling pastes that generate nitrous compounds which are fairly evil-smelling.

Excellent adhesion and economical to use

Sandvik pickling paste Formula Green has excellent adhesion and can be applied on vertical surfaces and ceilings without any risk of running or drying. This is due to the paste’s gel-like (thixotropic) consistency. Sandvik pickling paste Formula Green has a distinctive green color, making it easier to see where it has been applied. Sandvik’s pickling paste is economical to use, as only a thin film of the pickling paste is required for a perfect result.

Instructions for use

  • The paste is applied with a brush. After pickling and rinsing with water (high pressure) the corrosion resistance is restored in the welded area.
  • The pickling times, which are dependent on temperature, type of steel and welding method vary between 45–240 minutes at room temperature.
  • Working temperature +5 to +40ºC (+41 to +104ºF).
  • Rinsing is done with water (high pressure).
  • The pickling should as far as possible be done indoors in well ventilated rooms at room temperature. For outdoor work the construction must be shielded from direct sunlight and rain.
  • Instructions for use and safety precautions can be found on each pack.

Product data

Form Viscous, green, gel-like solution with weak odour
Density 1.30 kg/l
Packaging Plastic bottles of 1, 2 or 5 kg
Consumption 1 kg (2.2 lbs) of pickling paste is enough for approximately 120 m (393 ft) of weld bead or a surface of approximately 6 m2 (64.58 ft2)