Neutralization paste

Sandvik’s neutralization paste is used on steel surfaces to neutralize and inhibit pickling paste after use. The neutralization paste does not contain any harmful components. It is as easy to apply as the pickling paste and can be flushed with water into any drain.

Instructions for use

The neutralization paste is mixed with the pickling paste using a brush. This is done once pickling has been completed, while the pickling paste is still in place on the structure. A reaction takes place and mild blistering will be observed. When blistering ceases (after about 5–10 min), the reaction has stopped and neutralization has been completed. After treatment, the pickling acid residue has a pH value of >8 and the poisonous hydrofluoric acid is chemically converted into harmless fluorspar (CaF2). The neutralization paste is mildly alkaline and does not have any poisonous constituents.

Product data

Form Creamy consistency and relatively good adhesion
Packaging Plastic bottles of 2 kg
Consumption One package can neutralize 240 linear metres of pickled weld or 12 m2 of pickled steel surface