Car body

Customized solutons to match your requirements in tensile strength, surface coating and metal sheet thickness

Industry and megatrends

Europe, China and Americas are the main markets for MIG and laser brazing of car bodies. As a competent partner for brazing applications Fontargen Brazing serves customers in the Automotive Industry, especially in the production of car bodies. The industry trends are taken into account in product selection and product development:

  • Light weight construction
  • Mixed building construction
  • Increasing aluminium applications
  • Use of high tensile steel types

Customer and main stakeholders

Our customers trust in our technically proven and customized products. The Fontargen Brazing is involved in many global R&D projects, partnerships with automotive manufacturers and networks with car body fabricators.

We are proud to support a wide range of major players in the brazing industry. Fontargen Brazing provides the technical support required to develop a technical process optimization with the customer as well as choosing the correct brazing consumable and supporting users in its optimal application. Please see a selection of our reference projects below.

Our products are used for the followingapplications:

  • Joining of the ABC pillars to the roof
  • Laser beam or plasma brazing on C-pillar
  • Laser beam brazing on the trunk cover
  • MIG brazing of the fuel tank tube
  • MIG brazing on the structure above the axis and seat rails
  • Laser beam brazing on the roof
  • MIG brazing of longitudinal traverses

Product solutions

  • Copper wires
  • Aluminium wires


We provide additional value by offering:

  • Process optimization with the customer
  • Support at solving and brazing problems
  • Training courses for the staff
  • Expertise in brazing techniques
  • Intensive customer support by our competent internal and external staff

Important benefit for customer

  • Solution provider
  • Global distribution and sales network
  • Broad product range
  • Fulfilling special demands
  • Engineering support
  • ISO 9001 / 14001 Approvals
  • AEO Standard
  • Deliveries just in time in all packing units
  • Financial performance

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