Apex’s Welders

Fronius welders can seem expensive – until you add up all the costs of your operation.

Why the biggest and the best use Fronius welders:


Downtime can be extremely expensive, especially in automated welding and large scale projects. Fronius welding equipment is renowned for it’s reliability and longevity and will save you money in the long term.

We also offer local support and servicing of the welders we sell. In the unlikely event you do have a problem with one of our welders we have qualified and certified Fronius technicians to repair them and get you back up and running ASAP.


We will give you the confidence to expect a high quality weld first time, every time.

Variation in weld quality is unacceptable in automation – just imagine the extra work involved with checking and fixing poor quality welds. However it’s also essential for pipe-welding and general repairs.

By design Fronius welders are straight-forward to use and programmed with an extensive range of specialized welding processes.


Time is money and in order to be the best in automated welding Fronius welders are designed to put down a lot of wire very quickly. Rather than simply using more wire Fronius welders ensure they don’t use any more wire than we absolutely have to.

That commitment to efficiency extends across the entire Fronius brand so you benefit from their decades of expertise in automation – even if you are using an hand-held welder.