Pickling paste

Sandvik provides two types of pickling paste for cleaning and passivating of welding joints and the heat affected zone (HAZ) in welded stainless steel constructions.

The pickling paste removes the naturally occurring oxide layer and the chromium depleted layer under the oxide. The result is a perfect weld with the required corrosion resistance.

Excellent adhesion

Sandvik’s pickling pastes have excellent adhesion and can be applied on vertical surfaces and ceilings without any risk of running or drying. This is due to the paste’s gel-like (thixotropic) consistency that also makes it economical to use as only a thin film of the pickling paste is required for a perfect result.

Sandvik pickling paste Formula 1

A pickling paste for fast and efficient removal of tough oxides.

Sandvik pickling paste Formula Green

A more environmentally and user friendly pickling paste.


After pickling there is always some residual paste containing acid on the weld. This can be effectively neutralized with Sandvik’s neutralization paste, thereby ensuring the best possible environmental protection.