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Fronius International GmbH

The Perfect Welding Division provides Welding Equipments and Complete systems – both manual and automated – as well as the technical expert services that customers need in the global welding technology market. Fronius welding machines are of Micro processor controlled Digital Inverter Based welding power Sources, which produces repeatable high quality of welding for all grades of metals.

Technology Leader by way of Innovative welding Solutions thru Spatter less MIG / MAG welding  – The CMT (Cold Metal Transfer) process, which permits the thermal joining of steel to aluminium.

The TPS/i is nothing less than a whole new era of welding. This is the biggest innovation project in Fronius entire history, this hugely reduces spattering, for example and increases the welding speed while still giving stable penetration with the perfect arc. 

The Delta Spot welding system (resistance spot welding system) which produces no flash & blackening of the joints, which as a huge welcome for Automobile industries.

Fronius Covers wide range of welding equipment to suite your welding needs like MMA, MIG/MAG, CMT, TIG, Plasma welding ranging from small portable inverters to fully automated welding systems.

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