PLACUT 80D / 101D

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Messer Know- how Your Smart Choice of manual Plasma Cutting

  • Digital Controlled inverter based manual Plasma cutting Machine.
  • Digitised Panel for setup & Control
  • Extremely reliable IGBT Power modules Saves power Compared to conventional power sources.
  • Digital display of the amperage for easy visibility even in dark places.
  • Easily recognisable error code gives faster resolution of problems
  • Wheel Mounted equipment for easy handling in Workshops & Sites.
  • No Preheat process is required to cut conductive metals. Piercing can be done almost in 1 Second.
  • 2 to 5 times higher cutting Speed than conventional Oxyfuel Cutting for steels (Depending on machine power &Plate thickness)
  • Very easy to operate just connect to 3 Phase power, Compressed air& Start cutting.
  • Superior cut quality means less grinding & easy edge preparation.
  • Less dross & Superior Cut Quality
  • Ideally suited for automobile industries, Foundry, Onsite/ Offsite maintenance department, Artwork, Designer workshops, Hobby shops &DIY Applications, rescue unites, Research labs, Fabrication shops, Scrap handling units, agricultural/ dairy equipments manufacturing, Garages & a long list of Imaginative Application, etc….


Technical data  (Dimensions in mm)

Specification Starcut 65   Starcut 105
Input Voltage   3phase 415 Volts  &50Hz  
Output Current 35- 65A   35-105A
Input Power(max Output 65A*150V) 11.5KVA   20KVA
Machine principle   Digitally  controlled IGBT Based Inverter  
Open Circuit Voltage   300 Vdc -330 Vdc  
Cutting Torch Cooling   Air Cooled  
Duty Cycle at 40°C (10Min)    40%  
Arc Ignition Type   With Pilot Arc  
Dimension Length X  Width  X Height   540mmX  360mmX670mm  
Weight (Kgs) 60   67
Recommended Cut Capacity without Pierce (mm) 15   25
Reliable Pierce Capacity for manual cutting use (mm) 9   16
Severance Cut Capacity (mm) 20   45
Compressed Air  requirement   Clean , Oil Free, Dry, Compressed Air 5.0 to 5.5 Bar @175 L /Min  
Minimum Compressor Capacity   & Tank Size   1.5 hp with 300Liter Tank