TransPocket 1500 TIG Kit

The Fronius TransPocket 1500 is a fully digitally controlled manual electrode welding machine with resonant intelligence. The ideal characteristic ensures the arc is always stable, even with long mains leads of up to 100 metres or fluctuating mains voltages.

The Fronius TransPocket 1500 TIG is guaranteed to weld all electrode types up to 4 mm including the vertical-down welding of cellulose electrodes. The welding machine is equipped with a remote control connection, and can therefore be controlled directly on-site. Perfect TIG welding up to 150 A thanks to extra TIG functions, e.g. TIG Comfort Stop.

Product Description

Technical Information

TransPocket 1500 TIG Kit
Mains voltage 230 V
Mains fuse protection 16 A
Cos phi 0,99 (140 A)
Degree of efficiency 86,8% (80 A)
Welding current range TIG 10 – 150 A
Welding current range, electrode 10 – 140 A
Duty cycle at 10 min/40? C (104? F) 25 % d.c. at 150 A
Duty cycle at 10 min/40? C (104? F) 100 % d.c. at 80 A
Open-circuit voltage 92 V
Working voltage TIG 10,4 – 16 V
Working voltage Electrode 20,4 – 25,6 V
Protection IP 23
Type of cooling AF
Insulation class B
Dimensions l/w/h mm 315/110/200
Dimensions l/w/h (inches) 12.40/4.33/7.87
Weight kg 4,8
Weight lb 10.58
Marks of conformity CE
Safety S


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