TransSteel 2500 Compact

The new TransSteel 2500 Compact MIG/MAG multivoltage power source has been designed as the perfect answer to the needs of the steel market: it boasts a compact and robust construction, 250 amperes, wire diameter of up to 1.2 mm, proven Steel Transfer Technology inside and is EN 1090-compliant.

The TransSteel 2500 is capable of running on either 3 phase power or single phase. A welding torch specially developed for this power category, a power limitation function and a wirespool viewing window complete the package.

Product Description


The TransSteel 2500c impresses with a compact housing on the outside, and expert know-how on the inside. Modular in design, it can be networked and controlled, thus offering smaller enterprises in particular a space-saving yet high-performance tool.

The tried-and-tested “compact, robust, portable” TransSteel design is complemented by a plastic wirespool viewing window on the side. This not only provides insulation for the side panel, but also enables the welder to see how much wire is still on the spool at a glance. A further highlight is the compact control panel – which includes gas test and wire threading functions – and its self-explanatory layout.

For guaranteed stable welding results, even at the power limit, the integrated power limitation has the answer (displayed on the power source when activated). This prevents extinguishing of the arc by reducing the wire feed speed to automatically restrict the output.


Another benefit for steel welding and which is also integrated in the TransSteel 2500c is the Steel Transfer Technology with its Steel, Root and Dynamic characteristics. The former provides quick and easy welding settings, while Root is characterised by a soft, stable dip transfer arc, simple root pass welding with no pool support and a high gap-bridging ability. Dynamic is the characteristic of choice for a concentrated and flexible arc, a deep and narrow fusion zone and high welding speed.

As the first Compact power source which is also available as a multivoltage variant, the TransSteel 2500c knows no limits in its range of applications. Another advantage of the TransSteel 2500c is its compliance with EN 1090; a great help to manufacturers of steel support structures for auditing purposes. A welding torch developed specifically for this power category (3.5 m and 4.5 m) provides the finishing touches. As a further benefit, a second positive socket integrated as standard means that the TransSteel 2500c also ensures that those who want to use their MIG/MAG power source for electrode welding are well-served.


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